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Creative Musings from the Convent

Canticles and St. Clare

Sister Doreen’s Reflections A sharing of one of my favorite Canticles attributed to St Clare of Assisi. Some years ago, we were introduced by Brother Robert of the Society of St. Frances to the beautiful

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Summer-time Musings 2023

Sister Doreen’s Reflections “Now that we have arrived [at the end of July and the beginning of August] no matter where we live, summer brings a certain kind of freedom from care that is unlike

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Additional Musings On Ways To Pray

Sister Doreen’s Reflections Knitting or Crocheting or Needle Work “I struggled for years to maintain a regular private prayer practice. I found it difficult to sit still each day in the presence of God. It

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Praying with Beads

Sister Doreen’s Reflections “Life is often so busy and chaotic that even when we do find time to pray, our minds cannot settle and our thoughts drift to stresses and concerns that pull our attention

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Visio Divina

Since we are all different, it can be helpful to provide different ways to respond to God in prayer: through Scripture, through images, through music, etc. It can benefit all of us to experiment with different

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Centering / Contemplative Prayer

Sister Doreen’s Reflections I believe we are all called to a contemplative life and prayer and  would like to share some of my own ponderings and wisdom gleaned along the way. I shared these thoughts

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Different Kinds of Prayer

Sister Doreen’s Reflections Prayer is often perceived as a difficult, “place-less” exercise in which we close our eyes and seek God beyond our everyday experience in an invisible, ethereal realm. It does not have to

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