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Creative Musings from the Convent

Ascension Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections (Luke 24:50-53) A comment about the Ascension by George MacLeod called “No Other Plans”: “There is a very old legend, and all legends that persist speak truth, concerning the return of the

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The Month of May Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections The month of May brings warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and the fresh beginnings of summer. Fennel Hudson wrote: “May, perhaps more than any other month of the year, wants to make us feel

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The Beloved Disciple

Sister Doreen’s Reflection Today is the actual Feast Day of St. John the beloved disciple and our Patronal Festival – the Saint after whom our community is named: The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine.

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The Way Out Is The Way In

Sister Doreen’s Reflections My attention was attracted and then arrested by the title “The Way Out is the Way In” on a small booklet of poetry written by disabled persons and edited by Stuart McKay.

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Earth Day Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections Joyce Rupp wrote: “The soul of the world and our own souls intertwine and influence one another. There is one Great Being who enlivens the dance of our beautiful planet and everything

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Beyond Easter Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections Jesus said: “Reach out your hands, Thomas …Thomas replied: “My Master! My God!”(John 20: 27 – 28) If we choose to follow Jesus then in every circumstance in our life this is

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Easter 2023 Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections “Charity is the new life of Easter. I have seen charity, love, forgiveness, and resiliency. I have seen the new life of Easter. … This is the challenge of Easter, the challenge

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