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Guest House Closure Information

As of January 2nd, 2024, the Guest House will be closed for all overnight retreats until the Guest House renovations are completed in 2025. We will periodically provide updates on the progress of the renovations. The Convent is available Tuesdays through Sundays except for the first Tuesday of the month for:

* Individuals who wish to come for the day, join services and/or use the convent’s library and common spaces with advance notice (please contact us at least 2 days beforehand).

*Individuals who wish to attend “Food for the Soul” day retreats and workshops in the conference room (registration through the website).

*Groups who wish to book day retreats (please contact us at least 6 weeks before the date you hope to have your event – please note, we are only booking dates after April 16, 2024).

For more information or to arrange a day retreat, please contact or call 416-226-2201, ext. 305.