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Meet Our 2019-2020 Companions!

We are delighted to introduce the 2019-2020 Companions to you. Without further ado, please meet Jasmine, Kelsea and Florence.

Hello, I am Jasmine, a music therapist and a companion at the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine. Yes, I know you might be asking “what does it mean to be a companion?” The Companions Program is a program for women who are 21-years-old or older and gives the opportunity to experience the monastic life in a year by living, praying and working with the sisters. My journey of coming to the community dated back from a short mission trip to East Asia. After my mission trip, I made a decision in the debrief section to spend a year in the mission field after I graduated from university. The Companions program leads to the resolution of my discernment process. As a part of valuing my identity as an Anglican and using my gift of what I have learned at school, becoming a companion has the flexibility for me to serve with my musical gift. So, here I am, drawing myself closer to God day by day through prayers, serving patients at St. John’s Rehabilitation hospital with music therapy, and being part of the community.  Coming into this transitional stage as a companion is new to me since I have been a student for most of my life. I recently graduated with my Masters in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University and obtained my accreditation as a music therapist starting in January, 2020. I am often being told by patients that I am similar to Maria (I sing with my guitar) in the Sound of Music (the film has good songs for therapy, too!), and hopefully I am not causing the sisters too much trouble! Through joining this program, I am learning to appreciate what God has given me, living each moment in the here-and-now and living it to the full.

An avid reader of all kinds.
A writer of poems.
A Star Trek enthusiast, especially Star Trek: Voyager.
Delight in walking just as much as taking naps.
A raving popcorn consumer, not as much as tea. Tea must be black, hot and preferably earl grey.
A wearer of black and grey.
Until recently, the owner of a shaved head. It is too cold in Canada, hair had to be had once again. 
Protector of two black cats: Merlin and Morgan.
The name between my given name and surname has one more than nine letters. 
Admirer and seeker of liturgy in all things.

Hello, my name is Florence. This is how I describe myself: an untypical Hongkonger, a student on the path of contemplative spirituality. Open minded, forward thinking and laid back. I enjoy reading, movies, theaters, travelling, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge and experiences. I also enjoy spending idle time with myself with a cup of hot drink. I joined the Companions Program to explore and discern the way forward in my second half of life. Besides experiencing the monastic lifestyle in the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, I am also participating in the spiritual direction ministry at the convent. Life in the convent is full but with plenty of breathing spaces. I am savoring every moment of it. Do I miss anything from my life before coming to the convent? Yes, I miss playing computer/video games…I miss Epic Mickey, Hidden City, Dark Meadow, Minion Rush…