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A Poem for Summer Blessings.

Sister Doreen’s reflections A Summer Blessing This week the calendar announces that Summer begins and with it our longing for space and relaxation in the hoped- for warmth!  I share the following poem with you by

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Sister Doreen’s Reflections At choir practice this week we practiced a new hymn for Trinity Sunday that we had never sung before.  I found the hymn so moving personally, with imagery that caused some profound

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Sister Doreen’s Reflections Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of your love.May the Spirit you bestow on us continue to work in the world.Keep us in

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Hospitality Musings

Sister Doreen’s Reflections Hospitality itself is a complex category.  It has much to do with the intersection of the private and the public life.  The stranger is encountered in the public realm, hospitality has to

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St. John’s Day Reflection

By Rev. Joanne Davies, SSJD Oblate. St. John’s Day Reflection ** In the beginning before light and dark, sea and sky. Before embodiment. There was and is forever love, patient, kind, before, now, then and

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As I Have Loved You

By Rev. David Brinton. John 13. 31-35 “When he had gone out.”  What a curious way to begin a liturgical gospel.  “When he had gone out.”  The “he” of course is Judas, and the place

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