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Easter Thoughts

Sister Doreen’s Reflections.

Easter thoughts shared in a poem by Joyce Rupp.


“How Did They Know?”


How did they know
It was time to push up
Through the long-wintered soil?



How did they know
It was the moment to resurrect
While thick layers of stubborn ice
Still pressed the bleak ground flat?




But the tulips knew,
They came, rising strongly,
A day after the ice died.



There’s a hope-filled place in me
That also knows when to rise.
It is urged by the strong sun
Warming my wintered heart.
Calling, calling, calling,
“Arise, my love, and come.”


Like the dormant tulips
My heart stirs,
And hope comes dancing forth.


Not unlike the Holy One
Kissing the morning sun,
Waving a final farewell
To a tomb emptied of its treasure.

Easter, God’s way of offering the gift of transformation – we can never celebrate Easter in isolation from the cries of our world. But when our hearts and minds are open to the wounds of our world today, we begin to see a transforming and living God who has entered completely into the human condition.

Christ is risen!  Have you seen him? In a strangers smile, in sharing good news with someone, in shared tears and laughter, in sharing the pain and suffering with others, in companionship on our journey through life. Christ is risen, risen indeed! Yes!