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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Psalm 103 The Luttrell Psalter, made in Lincolnshire, c. 1320-1340 Add MS 42130,


Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022                       

Isaiah 40: 25 – 31
Psalm 103: 1 – 10
Matthew 11:28 – 30                

In my teen years I had an extremely talented girlfriend who composed melodies and lyrics, often singing them in duet form with her equally talented baritone father. One was Psalm 103, and when sung by them, it took me to such a comforting and reassuring place – that of being with God in everlasting care in a sure, seen and certain place. No other god was able, powerful or committed to his children, like Jehovah. My friend Rosemary and her father Ralph’s voices harmonized to help lay the truth of God’s omnipresence and omniscience inside my heart. I wanted to cry out, “Sing it again, sing it again”. When music and lyrics do this, it is a blessing somehow beyond the spoken or read words. Perhaps you have had a similar response to a song or hymn – its meaning, melody or lyrics “laying down” inside of you, a picture of the Divine that remains. I will always be grateful.

Oh my soul, bless thou Jehovah,                                                                                                  
All within me bless His holy name,                            
Who forgets not all His benefits?                                                                                
His mercies to proclaim….                                
For as high as is the heavens,                      
Far above the earth below,                  
Ever great to them that fear Him                                  
Is the mercies He will ever, ever show.

Isaac Watts, the Scottish hymnwriter also has composed:

Hast Thou not know, hast Thou not heard, That firm remains on high
The everlasting throne of Him Who formed the earth and sky?
Sing it again, sing it again – “that firm remains on high”

Joy Alloway