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A Poem for Autumn Blessings.

Sister Doreen’s Reflections

An Autumn Blessing

Already the calendar says that Autumn begins!  And the leaves have begun to turn colour and some are beginning to fall.  I share a lovely poem with you for reflection by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr.

Blessed are you, Autumn,
Chalice of transformation, you lift a cup of death to our lips and we taste new life.

Blessed are you, Autumn, season of the heart’s yearning,
You usher us into places of mystery and, like the leaves,
We fall trustingly into eternal, unseen hands.

Blessed are you, Autumn, with your flair for drama,
you call to the poet in our hearts,
“return to the earth, become good soil; wait for new seeds.”

Blessed are you, Autumn, you turn our faces toward the west.
Prayerfully reflecting on life’s transitory nature
We sense all things moving toward life-giving death.

Blessed are you, Autumn, you draw us away from summer’s hot breath.
As your air becomes frosty and cool, you lead us to inner reflection.

Blessed are you, Autumn, season of so much bounty.
You invite us to imitate your generosity
In giving freely from the goodness of our lives,
Holding nothing back.

Blessed are you, Autumn, your harvesting time has come.
As we gather your riches into our barns,
Reveal to us our own inner riches waiting to be harvested.

Blessed are you, Autumn, season of surrender,
You teach us the wisdom of letting go
As you draw us into new ways of living.

Blessed are you, Autumn, season of unpredictability.
You inspire us to be flexible, to learn from our shifting moods.

Blessed are you, Autumn, feast of thanksgiving.
You change our hearts into fountains of gratitude
As we receive your gracious gifts.