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Friday December 18, 2020


Handel’s Messiah British Library

Friday. December 18, 2020

Jeremiah 23:5-8     
Psalm 72: 11-19     
Matthew 1: 18-25

“…and they will call him “Immanuel” which means “God with us”.  (Matthew 1:23)

During this extraordinary “pandemic” year, praying with the words “God with us” supported me tremendously as I wandered in my personal desert of isolation, worry, frustration and helplessness.  I became aware more than ever that not only did God send Christ to humbly live among and with us as the Word made flesh but that His death on the cross did not stop the loving relationship God continues to build with us, if we can only take the time to open our hearts to Him. 

Suddenly, I was being invited to cherish that time.  Time for silence, stillness, simplicity, and space.  Time to “social distance” from my desire for “busy-ness” and my need to feel valued and appreciated.   Time to just “be”, to breathe prayer, to center into God’s living presence in small things and in all things. Time to hold fast to the divine love that constantly sustains me.  I was invited to be at home with God and discovered that God has always been at home with me!

Now, when discouragement threatens to overwhelm me, I lean on God in comfort, knowing I am valued and accepted as a beloved child.  This feeling of limitless love is so full that I am gaining the confidence to begin reaching out in love and service to others, even in small ways sharing the knowledge that we are all connected and that God is with us in community.

Give us the courage and compassion to love others as we are always loved by you, dearest God.       

Margaret Macmillan