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Friday , December 4, 2020


Isaiah 29:17-24 
Psalm 27:1-6, 17-18 
 Matthew 9:27-31

In the last six months, “Believe in Jesus” has been the constant mantra for many Christians.

In the advice given on how to get through this time of pandemic, political upheaval, and racial unrest, many people have said to follow a routine; keep busy; and if you are going outside, wear a mask and wash your hands. For many of us old folks, going out has become a rarity.

We are isolated. We hope that following a routine will keep us sane.

When my alarm goes off, I sit up, thankful that I can still do this, and I am grateful for all those who care for and love me. A year ago, I would do Morning Prayer with my husband, but since his death, life is different. Now I brush my teeth, feed the dog, get my coffee, put the dog out, and water the outside flowers. Then I get dressed and Zoom into Morning Prayer with a Pittsburgh group from St. Brendan’s.

Following this routine, I do stay a little saner. It keeps me grounded and helps me to know that I am not alone in this messed up, crazy world. I believe there is a force greater than my own at play in the universe. I believe that humility, openness, and awareness outside of myself is good. I believe that God is my light, my salvation, and my strength, and that his divine love has been my guiding force through this strange, and terrible time in our history.

– Lynne van der Hiel