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Thursday , December 3, 2020

Isaiah 26:1-6  
Psalm 118:19-24   
Matthew 7:21-27

We were sitting on the lawn on our fold-up chairs, six feet apart, eating Thai take-out and I said, “It feels like the earth is trembling; the world and all that is in it is trembling spiritually, economically, politically, environmentally.”  We mused about how the days ahead feel so darkly uncertain.  

We pondered the mystery of God’s presence and the movements of Divine Love. We revisited yet again Jesus’ words on how we might construct the ‘house’ of our lives on the solid rock of God more faithfully, more intentionally.  The eternal consequence of building our lives on the Everlasting Rock is Life indeed.  Still, our daily existence may not feel very life-giving as we grapple with the consequences of hate, fear, and neglect all around us. We witness the very Cornerstone of our hope as either rejected or ‘repackaged’ to suit the ‘wisdom’ of the moment. My friend said, “Sometimes these days are so hard and frustrating!” We decided it is a gracious gift to find repose in God and to trust that God is our sufficiency for this day and all that is to come.   True peace is known in choosing Divine Love, and by faithfully staying the course to undertake the work at hand.  We know this.  Yet sometimes we need a little encouragement. May the hope of Advent and the gift of Christmas renew our strength to wait and work in faithfulness together in the days ahead.    

Dorothy Dahli