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The Humbling of Humanity

by Sr. Louise, SSJD

The phrase “the humbling of humanity”, came up as we discussed the impact of Covid 19 at our Chapter meetings this year.  We spoke of how it has changed our world, our community, what we have viewed as normal and the result of this time of isolation.

These were fruitful discussions which have helped us to put into perspective the enormity of what has happened to our world: a tiny microscopic virus has literally brought our world to its knees. We look at things differently now.  We check our purses or pockets to make sure we have a mask and gloves with us.  We limit our time in stores and make only essential trips.  We distance ourselves from each other for safety.  We sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

It’s sad to say that not everyone has grasped the full magnitued of these times.  We need to keep them in our prayers as well as give thanks for those who have embraced the safety protocols thus keeping themselves and others safe.

We have learned that we are not in control of everything nor are we the masters of creation that we so arrogantly thought we were.  We are merely part of it and stewards of it.  We need to ask ourselves: How well have we done as stewards of God’s creation?

We have learned that we are not invincible, we are, all of us, vulnerable to this virus. 

We don’t have all the answers to the multitude of questions that have arisen:

When will all this be over?

When will we be able to re-establish connections with family, friends and our places of worship?

What does the future hold?

We need to have faith and trust in God to give us the strength we need to cope.

As we do cope, we have been able to tap into our own creativity.  Just look at all the variety of styles of masks that are available, the use of technology in creative ways that help us to keep in touch with each other, to continue to worshop together, for businesses to continue.  Zoom, on-line shopping and church services are some that come to mind.

We have seen the heartfelt thoughts and prayers that flood our social media and testify to our desire to be ONE people.

We have recognized the need that we have for each other, for prayer, for open hearts that support each other near and far.  Families are coming together more than ever, supporting those who especially need contact such as seniors.  Our world grows smaller each day.

The Bahai faith has a wonderful motto that has resonated with me.  “ The earth is but one country and humankind its citizens.”

If we can embrace this philosophy we will be more fully able to recognize that this pandemic effects us all.  These times demand that there is no room for conflict, political agendas, racism or any kind of bigotry.  We are all one people of God’s.

Please join me as we ask with humble heart that God will sustain us, keep us strong and supportive of each other as we face the days ahead and that we may fully put our trust in God, our Creator.