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Mindfulness for Christians Event: Online!

We are very happy to announce that a Mindfulness for Christians Event is being offered online.

WHEN: MAY 21, 2020, 7-9 pm
HOW TO REGISTER: Please write to

Event Summery: Being aware of oneself in the present moment is the secular form of mindfulness that is promoted and practiced in the Western world and is regarded as one of the best antidotes to our overly busy, distracted and stressful lives. So far so good. As a follower of Christ, how does one become mindful of oneself in the Eternal Presence of the Giver of Life? That’s something slightly different, worth exploring, and putting into practice, provided one desires to live as a mindful Christian. This mindfulness is based on Scripture and Christian tradition, the practice of body and breath awareness.

Led by the Rev. Sandor Borbely, currently an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Toronto (formerly trained by the Jesuits). He is passionate about all things that are related to the practical implementation of Christian contemplative spirituality and he likes to share the fruits of his experiential knowledge with anyone who is interested.