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Time is Turning Catherine Wheels.

By Sr. Sue, SSJD.

To help celebrate the great St. Catherine of Sienna, whose feast day is today, Sr. Sue has some lovely music to share with you!

On the Day of Resurrection

Time is turning Catherine wheels
on this, the day of His rebirth;
Time is somersaulting, leaping
to the stars and back to earth;
Time is playing roller-coaster,
up and down and round about;
Time is following her Master
outside in and inside out.

Time is jumping up from Zion,
skipping up to Galilee,
walking slowly to Emmaus,
lighting up a tomb set free;
Time shows comfort brought to women,
men who disbelieve in gloom,
Time is singing, dancing, whirling,
joyous in an upper room.

Time is tracing paths in Scripture,
tracks for eyes that ask to see,
Time is gathering saints and martyrs,
all rejoicing mightily;
Time is bringing to this moment
all who love and follow Him,
from the past and from the future,
shining light where all was dim.

On this one day of all creation,
turning from her steadfast route,
Time is dancing with her Master-
angels carol forth this truth:
“A Death is vanquished, Christ is risen,
Christ will come with glorious peals!”
The laws of heaven and earth are riven-
Time is turning Catherine wheels!

Sr. Sue Elwyn, SSJD
Guelph, ON
June, 2006