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Personal Retreats & Customized Sabbaticals at St. John's Convent


Come away for rest, refreshment, renewal. Come with an open heart. Come abide in the silence to listen for the whisper of God in your life Leave with the abundance of God's blessings.

The Sisters welcome guests for rest, refreshment, retreat, and participation in the Community's prayer and liturgy. All are welcome. Spend as much time as you like in a private retreat or simply enjoying some peace and quiet, fellowship, and the liturgies of the community.

If you would like to participate in a slightly more structured way, consider the opportunities listed here »

Standard fee for personal overnight retreats is $80 per night, including 3 meals; $70 for seniors; $60 for full-time students with ID). If you would like to have individual spiritual direction during your retreat, the cost is $35 per session.

Cost of day retreats is $35 (including a private room, noon meal, and coffee breaks), with the option of an additional $35 for spiritual direction.

Dates for personal retreats depend on the availability of space and (if desired) a spiritual director.

See also Guest House ».

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION with Personal Retreat

This is an opportunity to be accompanied individually as a way to deepen your prayer life, to explore particular issues or needs in your relationship with God, and to grow in sensitivity to the movements of the Spirit of God within you. You will have an individual guide for your retreat who will meet with you daily (or less often if you prefer) and help you discern and trust the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life.

The scriptural model for this kind of retreat is Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth who recognized that Mary was carrying within her the Son of God. Each of us carries the God-seed within us. This kind of retreat is an opportunity to allow that Godseed to grow and flourish in our lives and to grow in sensitivity to the movements of the Spirit of God within.


  • PERSONAL RETREATS can be scheduled by one person at a time any time, and may be quiet time, or with spiritual direction, or as a design-your-own program of various lengths of time, as detailed below.
  • SILENT DIRECTED RETREATS are 3-day retreats (Tuesday-Thursday). Several are held by SSJD at specific times of the year as part of the Food for the Soul retreat offerings. These retreats are open to a small group of people and feature individual spiritual direction led by a trained spiritual guide.
    • Silent Directed Retreats are scheduled for:
      • Tuesday–Thursday, October 2–4, 2018
      • Tuesday–Thursday, March 12–14, 2019 - see here »
      • Tuesday–Thursday, September 10–12, 2019 - see here »
      • Tuesday–Thursday,November 12–14, 2019 - see here »
    • FOR DETAILS - Phone: 416-226-2201, ext. 305 Fax: 416-226-2131 E-mail: guesthouse@ssjd.ca


Contact the Guest House for information on the following:

  • Personal retreats scheduled to suit your timetable: for a day, a week, or longer if approved.
  • Group retreats, quiet days, and workshops scheduled to suit your church or fellowship group. Bring your own leader or ask for a Sister (if one is available) to lead.
  • Personal sabbatical time: come for a month or longer if approved, and enjoy the prayerful, peaceful environment of the Convent chapel, library, and gardens as well as comfortable accommodation and delicious meals. Contact the Guest House for more information and an application.
Phone: 416-226-2201, ext. 305
Fax: 416-226-2131
E-mail: guesthouse@ssjd.ca


Do you have some sabbatical time coming up? Consider spending all or part of it at St. John’s Convent Guest House, and making use of our varied resources.

  • Contact the Guest House for details:
Phone: 416-226-2201, ext. 305
Fax: 416-226-2131
E-mail: guesthouse@ssjd.ca