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Food For the Soul 2019-2020

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Food for the Soul

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Quiet Saturday: The Soil of Your Soul

The Soil of Your Soul: A quiet day based on the parable of the sower

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Anyone who has ever turned a shovel, planted a flower or vegetable, weeded a garden, or watered a wilting house plant knows that growing anything is part hard work, part nature, and a lot of hope and mystery.

During this quiet day you are invited to explore the soil of your soul. Where in your life are there rocky patches? Where are thorns threatening to overgrow what is good in your life? Where is your fallow ground, your quiet place? Do you believe that you are indeed good soil?

Explore these and other themes in this parable as we consider how God generously sows in our lives and our openness to receiving - or not – all that is offered.

Led by the Rev. Samantha Caravan, incumbent of All Saints Anglican Church, Peterborough - website »

  • Begins 9:30 am with a gathering for coffee; ends 4 pm
  • Fee $32 if you bring a bag lunch ($25 for Associates and Oblates). A hot meal is an additional $18.
  • Registration deadline: October 19, 2019
  • Registration here »

  • All retreats and quiet days at St. John’s Convent take place in the milieu of a contemporary monastic community which has a daily rhythm of prayer. All guests are invited to take part in the daily Eucharist, and those staying overnight may like to join us in the Divine Office (Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline).
  • See the regular chapel and meal schedule here »

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