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The Story of an Anglican Sisterhood
by The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine edited by Jane Christmas & Sr. Constance Joanna, SSJD

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Women are invited to explore a new monastic initiative of the Sisters of St. John the Divine: prayer, community, learning, service, and creative enjoyment.

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MAY 2019
Amazing weekend retreats, quiet Saturdays and special opportunities coming up!

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The Eagle

The Eagle

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Food for the Soul

Food For the Soul 2018-2019

Food for the Soul
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upcoming retreats
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Supporting SSJD Ministries

A Narrative Budget

There are many ways that you can help support the life, ministry and work of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine.

Guest House BrochureThe Guest House

St. John’s Convent Guest House: A Home for the Heart

The sisters offer gentle hospitality, comfortable accommodation, retreats and spiritual direction in an atmosphere of transformative stillness.


Spiritual Direction BrochureSpiritual Direction: What are you seeking?

Many of us feel a need and a hunger to find someone to help us on our Christian journey; to help us articulate, search out and trust to our questions...


Vocations BrochureVocations

The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, to call. We tend to think of it as a special call to a special ministry, but in fact, vocation is something each of us is called to by God....


Associates BrochureAssociates

Associates are men and women who wish to live out their baptismal covenant by following a Rule of Life in association with the Sisters of St. John the Divine, and by sharing in our ministry....


Oblates BrochureOblates

Oblates are Christian women who discern a vocation to make a self-offering to God alongside and in partnership with the Sisterhood of St John the Divine...


Companions BrochureCompanions

The Sisters of Saint John the Divine invite you to explore an expression of new monasticism rooted in the Anglican tradition. Companions will develop a rhythm of life including public and private prayer, engage in service to others, and learn to live in intentional community.



The Alongsiders program has changed and is merged with the Companions program. For more information please click here: 25 November 2017


BC House BrochureSt John's House: Victoria, B.C.

Prayer, intentional community, hospitality, and mission are at the heart of our life in the Diocese of British Columbia....


St John's Rehab BrochureSt. John's Rehab

A pioneer in health care since 1885, the Sisterhood founded St. John’s Rehab Hospital in 1936 as Ontario’s first hospital focusing on rehabilitation care... .


Chapel BrochureThe Chapel of St. John the Divine

An icon of Christian faith, prayer, and service

Welcome to this house of prayer, dedicated to the Glory of God and in the name of St. John, the “divine” or the “theologian.” This chapel is given to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the ministry of the Sisters of St. John the Divine By the Rev. Margaret E. and Dr. James D. Fleck.

Women at a Crossroads brochureWomen at a Crossroads

July 3–26, 2020 - Summer Discernment Program for women who are intentionally committed to seeking God's guidance in living out their baptismal call — in business or professional careers, in homemaking or lay careers in the church, in ordained ministry or life in a religious community, or in the many other ways in which we may serve God....

There will be no Women at a Crossroads program in the summer of 2019.


Labyrinth BrochureThe Labyrinth

Each person approaches the labyrinth differently. One person may be curious or questioning. Another may come with emotions in turmoil, while a third is tired or depressed. Approach this experience with an open heart and mind. Be receptive to all that is offered...