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SSJD Chapel organ
Photos of SSJD chapel organ by Halbert Gober, Organ builder - visit Gober website »
Food For the Soul 2018-2019




The SSJD Chapel OrganThe SSJD Chapel Organ

Built by Halbert Gober, Organ Builder - website here » The organist faces the font at a freestanding console flanked by two posts which support that end of the organ and contain the stop action. The narrow end of the organ is suspended from the building’s structure by a steel rod. The trackers go up behind the music rack between panes of glass.

In elevation, the organ’s design echoes the architect’s “protective hand of God” motif seen in the shape of the chapel ceiling; the façade pipes a metaphor for the people.

The Organ Specifications
Principal 8' Viola da Gamba 8' Bourdon 16'  
Bourdon 8' Stopt Diapason 8’    
Octave 4' Recorder 4'    
Fifteenth 2' Fife 2'    
Cornet III * Trumpet 8'    


  • *treble 2 2/3’ only on half draw, full range Cornet on full draw
  • All stops under expression except the façade stop.
  • Key compass: manuals C-g3, pedal C-f1
  • Pedalboard straight with radiating sharps and parallel concave naturals
  • Manual coupler and two manual-to-pedal couplers; tremulant
  • length and cone tuned, stopped metal pipes with soldered-on caps for tuning stability; wooden trackers and action parts.
  • All stops are full length, including the Principal 8’, the Viola da Gamba, and the Trumpet, the Console on floor and the case containing the windchests and pipes overhead.
  • Footprint 4 ½ ft sq. The upper section starts 11ft off the floor. The upper case is 16ft tall and 10ft wide; in plan it has a wedge shape 5ft deep at the south wall and 3ft deep over the font.