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The former Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on religious communities in the Anglican church: "the best witnesses to the Gospel are those who simply "fall in love with God" and seek the Lord for his own sake." - transcript here »

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Canterbury On Prayer

Archbishop Rowan Williams offers a brief, thoughtful reflection

Karen Armstrong

The acclaimed author, speaker, (and former Roman Catholic sister) offers provocative insights on big questions on the foundation and essence of world religions. Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver, March 2012.


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  • CBC: How Britain's 'digital nun' is turning the internet into a sacred place - here »
  • Rabbi Dow Marmur from Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto writes bi-weekly columns in the Toronto Star always short and sweet, timely, thoughtful - topical, sometimes provocative - see here »
  • The Moot Community - some of the new monasticism in England talks about belonging, behaviour and belief ... in that order - see here »
  • Archbishop of Canturbury Justin Welby calls for "a wild burst" of Spirit-fuelled imagination about the Religious Life in this address 31 March 2014 to Anglican Religious Communities meeting at Lambeth Palace.... text and video here »
  • Sacred Space - daily prayer online - a site by the Jesuits in Ireland: here » and companion site Pray as you go: here »
  • SSF - The Society of St Francis in the US - SSJD is developing closer collaborations with other religious brothers and sisters: here »
  • Textile ExhibitJane Christmas, an Associate of SSJD, takes a decidedly unconventional journey to find out whether she is, as she puts it, "nun material" in her new book. - And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life (September, 2013). An interview by the Ottawa Sun for this book here » Jane is a member of the writers union of Canada - see here » See Amazon.ca for book reviews »

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