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The Sisters welcome guests for rest, refreshment, retreat, and participation in the Community's prayer and liturgy. All are welcome.

Spend as much time as you like in a private retreat or simply enjoying some peace and quiet, fellowship, and the liturgies of the community.

If you would like to participate in a slightly more structured way, consider the opportunities listed here »

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Women are invited to explore a new monastic initiative of the Sisters of St. John the Divine: prayer, community, learning, service, and creative enjoyment.

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Guest House: Meals

Convent Refectory Convent Refectory Convent Refectory
All are welcome in this sacred space, offering gentle hospitality, comfortable accommodation, retreats and spiritual direction in an atmosphere of transformative stillness.

All our facilities are wheel-chair accessible and we make every effort to accommodate any special needs our guests may have. While the Sisterhood is an Anglican monastic community, we welcome women and men from all spiritual traditions and those with no religious affiliation.

The Refectory (Dining Room)

Guests share meals with the Sisters in our bright and simply furnished Refectory. The Refectory overlooks the guest courtyard, offering nourishment for the eyes even as we nourish our bodies. One of the Sisters will usher you to a table. Residential guests are given a cloth napkin to use at meals – an ecologically friendly way to use less paper products.

Peaceful reflection

Our meals are ordinarily silent to encourage peaceful reflection for those guests in retreat, and for those who seek to grow in the interior life. Silence gives us time to slow down and really enjoy what we are eating, rather than rushing on to the next item on our to-do list! Our tables have a shelf built underneath the tabletop where you will find a variety of reading material to enjoy after the meal while waiting for everyone else to finish.

On Sunday evenings, holidays, and other special occasions we have meals with conversation. Guests enjoy the opportunity to get to know the Sisters over a relaxing meal together.

The Conference Room arranged for private mealGroups that need to have conversation over dinner or supper may take trays to the Conference Room by pre-arrangement.

The Conference Room is pictured left, arranged for a private group meal.

The Choices

Breakfast begins the day with a choice of hot cereal, and a variety of cold cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit, bread for toasting, peanut butter and jams, and juices. Always available is fresh hot coffee and tea, with a choice of several herbal tisanes. Hot breakfasts with eggs, bacon, sausages, or waffles and syrup, and other hot breakfast items are available on weekends and special feast days.

The main meal for the Sisters is at noon, our hot dinner which includes fresh fruit, canned fruit, and often a dessert for a special occasion. In the evening we enjoy a supper after Evening Prayer usually consisting of a soup, sometimes a casserole or other hot dish, and lots of salads, cheese, vegetables, and fruit for dessert.

Sr Beryl making breadOur cooks come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and share their special recipes with us. We have attractive, nutritious and delicious but simple meals -- lots of fresh vegetables and fruits--- some from our gardens. From our gardens this year we harvested fresh rhubarb, blackberries, tomatoes, Swiss chard, bush and pole beans, and some wonderful squash.

At least once a week we have a meatless day with superb vegetarian cooking, and once a week a meal which includes fish rather than meat.

right: Sr. Beryl kneading bread

Special Dietary concerns

We provide for gluten-free and vegetarian diets.

Contact us!

Contact the Guest House administrator (guesthouse@ssjd.ca ») for more information about hosting your group at St. John’s Convent and Guest House.