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All are Welcome!
The Sisters welcome guests for rest, refreshment, retreat, and participation in the Community's prayer and liturgy.

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Please call the Guest House ahead of time if you wish to attend a liturgy at the Convent.

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Eternal and loving God, direct with your Holy Spirit the Sisters of Saint John the Divine, that we may grow continually in love to you, to one another, and to all people, and in reverence for your whole creation. Keep us faithful and obedient, and supply all our need.

Let our joy be in you, that this Community may fulfill your will and be a sign of the presence and power of your Son Jesus Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns one God throughout all ages. Amen.

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St. John's Convent, Toronto

The ConventWe are monastic women dedicated to a life of prayer, community and service with a vision of transformation for the whole of creation in Christ.

Our Convent and St. John’s House in Victoria, BC are centres of spirituality, prayer, worship, and music. We provide outreach to others: preaching, teaching, retreats and missions: preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Guest House ministry enables many to come to us to have times of retreat and renewal in their lives. We offer many programs to feed the spiritually hungry in heart, mind and body.

Our founding vision is prayer, community life and ministry. We are open and responsive to the needs of the church and the world, continually seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our life and ministry.

The Convent

St. John’s Convent is called to be a strong centre of prayer, community, and ministry which nurtures and supports the life of the whole Sisterhood.

As the Community’s Mother House, it is the place where the Reverend Mother has her residence, where the whole Community gathers to celebrate and renew our common life in Christ, and from which our discernment and decision making flows.

The Sisters’ library, the Associate library, and our archives are housed at the Convent, and provide resources both for the Community and for visitors.

The Convent is the place where new members are welcomed for discernment and education, and also where our infirmary offers care to our elder members, enabling them to remain part of our family life and ministry throughout their lives.

The Ministry of the Sisters

The ministry of the Sisters at St. John’s Convent includes:

  • a Guest House where individuals are welcomed for rest, refreshment, and retreat
  • the availability of Guest House accommodation for those associated with St. John’s Rehab
Sisters - July 2009
  • a regular schedule of retreats, quiet days, and workshops
  • a place for parish and other groups to meet and share in the focussed quiet of the Community’s life
  • availability of Sisters to preach, teach, speak, lead retreats and quiet days in the diocese and beyond
  • programs which help people to build bridges between our secular culture, the church, and the monastic tradition
  • discernment programs for those seeking guidance in their life and work
  • spiritual direction provided by the Sisters as well as friends and Associates
  • music and liturgical leadership for the church
  • ecumenical outreach
  • partnership with St. John’s Rehab