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Those who are seeking “something more” in their spiritual life and believe they can be nurtured in their spiritual journey through being connected with the life and ministry of a monastic community may be interested in visiting these SSJD webpages:

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Loving God, you called a band of faithful Christians to establish the Religious Life in the Anglican Church in Canada, and to serve you together as Sisters and Associates of St. John the Divine; inspire and strengthen us, the Sisters, Associates and Oblates of today; to grow in love, prayer and service, and to seek your will in openness to the future, so that in mutual support and partnership, we may together advance your mission and promote your glory; through our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen
“So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and members of the household of God.” Ephesians 2:1
Associates Brochure
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Associates of SSJD

Associates of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine are men and women, lay and ordained, who are members of a Christian parish community and seek to deepen their life in Christ through following a Rule of Life in association with the Sisters.

In other words, they are ordinary people who are seeking “something more” in their spiritual life and believe they can be nurtured in their spiritual journey through being connected with the life and ministry of a monastic community.

The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, was founded in 1884. It owes its founding to the vision and dedication of a group of women and men who prayed and worked for a monastic community to be established in Canada – where the life of Christians could be nurtured and strengthened.

Associates of SSJDThe first Associates of the Sisterhood were members of the group who had the vision for the Sisterhood. A relationship of mutual support of prayer, love, and ministry exists between the Sisterhood and the Associate.

The Rule for Associates

  1. To become informed, and to be willing to tell others, about the overall principles of the Monastic Life, and in particular about the life and work of the Sisters of Saint John the Divine.
  2. To be an active member of a worshipping congregation within the Christian faith, and when possible, to share in the Eucharist on Sundays and on Major Feasts. To pray especially for the Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine on their four major anniversaries: February 9 (Hannah Grier Coome, Founder, SSJD), May 6 (Feast of St. John), September 8 (the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Foundation Day of SSJD), December 27 (Feast of St. John the Evangelist).
  3. To include in one’s daily intercessory prayer the Community and Associates.
  4. To seek to grow in prayer, for renewal of life in Christ, by spending time daily in some form of listening prayer, often called meditative or contemplative prayer.
  5. Associates of SSJDTo seek to live an intentional Christian life with thoughtfulness and integrity.
  6. To read some portion of Holy Scripture daily, and to read books helpful to growing in the Christian life.
  7. To make an annual Retreat of at least two days whenever possible or to have/participate in two or more Quiet Days annually.
  8. If called upon, to be willing to help the Community, and to help Associates who live in their vicinity. As they are able, Associates contribute financially to the Sisterhood.
  9. To report yearly through a reflective letter or to visit with the Director of Associates in their area (Eastern, Central, Prairie or Western) within the month of the Anniversary of their Admission as to the value of the keeping of this Rule.

Oblates of SSJDTo Become an Associate

Write, phone or e-mail the Director of Associates at the Convent or the Branch House nearest you to request further information about becoming an Associate.

A period of discernment is required (approximately one year) before being admitted as an Associate. The purpose of this time is to discover if the Associate Rule of Life is a help to you on your spiritual journey and in deepening your relationship with Christ; it also provides time for deepening your understanding and practice of prayer and for developing a relationship with the Director of Associates and the Sisters.

The Rule for Associates is intended to provide a framework for the journey of faith, a trellis to support you in your own life and ministry of love in and for the world.


  • ST. JOHN'S CONVENT Attn. Director of Associates 233 Cummer Avenue Toronto, ON M2M 2E8 TEL: 416-226-2201 FAX: 416-226-2131 E-Mail: convent@ssjd.ca
  • ST. JOHN’S HOUSE, BC Attn. Director of Associates 3937 St. Peters Road Victoria, B.C. V8P 2J9 TEL: 250-920-7787 FAX:250-920-7709 E-Mail: bchouse@ssjd.ca
  • To view and/or download the Associates brochure click here »