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"I want to let you know about a great opportunity for young women in their 20s and 30s who have a passion for the gospel, who want to serve others, who seek ways to deepen their lives as followers of Jesus, and who would like an experience of intentional community..." - see here »
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Those who are seeking “something more” in their spiritual life and believe they can be nurtured in their spiritual journey through being connected with the life and ministry of a monastic community may be interested in visiting these SSJD webpages:

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Women are invited to explore a new monastic initiative of the Sisters of St. John the Divine: prayer, community, learning, service, and creative enjoyment.

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prepared by Sr. Constance Joanna Gefvert SSJD

Are you a young woman in your 20s or 30s wanting to experience life in intentional community with other millennials? Are you interested in a gap year during university studies or between your studies and a job? Would you like to develop leadership skills that you can use in your later life and ministry, as well as develop a life of prayer grounded in the spiritual practices that have nurtured Christians during 2,000 years? If so you might want to consider being a “Companion on the Way” for a year developing community with your peers in the context of the Sisterhood’s life and ministry.

Formation Courses for Both Alongsiders and Companions: Part of the year’s experience for both groups will be classes in spiritual formation offered in partnership with Wycliffe College at the Toronto School of Theology (University of Toronto). Courses can be taken either by audit (in which case there are no written assignments) or for academic credit (for those wanting to transfer credits back to their home institutions).

Cost: There is no cost for room and board for Alongsiders or Companions, but women who are accepted commit themselves fully to the Sisterhood’s life and work for the time they participate. College tuition fees (where applicable) will be the responsibility of the participant.

Program dates: September through July each year (exact dates to be arranged with successful applicants with some flexibility for the ending time). Application deadline: June 15, 2017 (for September 2017 start).

For more information and application forms e-mail Sister Constance Joanna Gefvert: For Companions, at companions@ssjd.ca ▪ Or phone 416-226-2201, ext. 316.

Companions / Alongsider Article

    • Weeds & Wheat - Frances Drolet Smith preached the homily for the ending of the Women at a Crossroads program at St. John’s Convent on Sunday, July 23, 2017 - here »
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    • Canada, a Teepee, and a Canoe: a homily for Canada Day 150 By the Rev. Frances Drolet-Smith, Oblate SSJD , July 1, 2017 - here »
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    • What is Desert? - a poem by Sister Sue Elwyn - a poet, hymn-writer, and member of the Sisterhood’s household in Victoria, B.C. April 1, 2017 - here »
  • "I notice God in the mundane" - Interview with Sarah Moesker, in SSJD's Companions on an Ancient Path program, reported inthe Dioese of Toronto Anglican December 2016 (page 6) - see here » / or here »

  • Companions
  • International Anglican Communion News Service features article on Companions. see here » .
  • Toronto's The Anglican news examines SSJD's Companions program from the point of view of Katja Nack, a 23-year-old university student from Germany, who arrived at St. John’s Convent in March for a three-month internship as an Alongsider. see here » Photo by Michael Hudson. also Vancouver Anglican here » / CanadianChristian News Service here » also Vancouver Anglican here » / National Anglican Journal (2015) here » / Anglican Journal on intentional community at St. Margaret’s Cedar Cottage in East Vancouver here » / and Episcopal News Service here » / also Vancouver Anglican here » / National Anglican Journal (2015) here » / Anglican Journal on intentional community at St. Margaret’s Cedar Cottage in East Vancouver here » / and Episcopal News Service here »

Media about Companions

"inherited and New Monasticism"

  • Originally presented for the Consultation on Monasticism and New Monasticism, St. John’s Convent, March 2014 - see here »